Hospitality Interior Design

Hospitality Interior Design Company Singapore

At Jia Studios, we have done a wide range of hospitality interior design projects, ranging from boutique hostels to luxury five star hotels based on understanding the varied needs of these different businesses.

Hostels Interior Design

Nowadays globetrotters are not just looking for budget travel, they are looking for a whole experience that starts right at their hostel stay. Hostel interior design is therefore crucial to contributing to the traveller’s enjoyable stay.

The interior design of a hostel needs to balance a few factors such as curating the space to maximise the number of occupants, creating a unique identity while providing a cozy and restful experience for the travellers.

Hotels Interior Design

When working on five star hotels interior design, designers are commissioned to create an intimate space that should be cosy, restful and comfortable. After all, hotels are travellers’ home away from home, a place where they return to at the end of a long day to rest and recharge.

As hotels cater to many people from different walks of life, how is it possible to design a hotel that suits every taste? The key is to establish a concept and brand for the hotel right from the get-go so that designers are able to carefully and thoughtfully craft a style that not only suits that identity, but which is also fluid enough to transform and cater to individual preferences.

In addition to designing a space that is aesthetically pleasing and that contributes to fantastic customer experience, the functionality of a hotel is important as well. The integration of a successful front of house with a well-designed back of house is vital in the proficient running of a hotel. When hotel staff is able to perform their tasks efficiently and improve customer relations, the hotel will see a boost in its reputation and its brand image will vastly improve. A hotel that provides good user experience even cleans under the bed. The next time you visit a hotel, check under the bed. Some of the best hotels will leave a little note under there stating that “yes, we clean here too.”

A profitable and popular hotel should look great, run like a well-oiled machine and provide a safe haven for guests that is both relaxing and comfortable. A professional and experienced team of interior designers with an impeccable attention to detail and finesse is required. We are here for you, both for your Singapore and overseas projects. Are you ready to bring your hospitality interior design to the next level?