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Interior Design for Bungalow and Private Property

One of the biggest selling points of living in bungalows or private property is the diverse layout options which allows for more flexibility and freedom when it comes to designing your cosy and stylish home.

Style and function are fundamental in creating the perfect space to call your own. When comfort, purpose, quality and personality all come together in the process of residential interior design, it transcends the basic elementals of design and becomes more than just a home – it becomes a masterpiece.

Private Property – Condominium

Condominiums in Singapore come in different sizes and varied floor plans. While the space available for designers to work with is considerably less as compared to bungalows, achieving a home that is luxurious, sophisticated and functional is still 100% possible with the right expertise and experience.

Let us showcase a unique project at Marina One Residences that we worked on modelled on the homeowners’ vision – A Home of the Future. This project was the winner of the 2020 Silver A’ Design Award in Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category.

The key elements in this project were the integration of a monochromatic colour palette together with sleek and streamlined silhouettes in order to create a comfortable living space for the residents. With its futuristic fittings and furnishings, the use of smart home technology and the innovative implementation of lighting, the result was a home that is truly distinctive.

Private Property – Bungalow

A myriad of options become open to you when taking that first step in designing your bungalow home. As homeowners are not affected by space constraints, attention to detail, concise planning and the incorporation of different concepts and ideas for consistency are crucial in creating a home that is functional and beautiful.

Luxury comes in many shapes and forms. Whichever style you prefer, we can achieve it for you. It is not enough to make a house look aesthetically pleasing; in order to elevate it and truly make it a home, achieving a certain comfort level for its residents is important. Additionally, the homeowner’s personality and quirks must shine through in the design as well.

What is your preferred style and concept of residential interior design that is luxurious?