Retail/Spa Interior Design

Interior Design Company For Spa Singapore

Shopping trips and spa pampering sessions are popular ways with which to relax and recharge in Singapore. This is why shopping malls are packed during the weekends and holidays; it is also the contributing factor for the 2,000+ spa and wellness centres littered all over our little red dot.

While experience and mastery are imperative in designing successful retail spaces and spa centres, it is equally important to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and news on the industries so that we can guarantee our clients the most excellent solutions in our projects.

Spa Interior Design

A well designed spa is one that provides a comfortable, tranquil and pleasing environment for customers to unwind and de-stress without compromising on the functional aspects of its operational managements at the same time. In order to achieve this, meticulous planning is crucial.

It takes a fastidious team in spa interior design that is able to seamlessly transition from concept to execution. The flow and form of the different rooms and spaces in the spa is key in providing customers with the sense of peace and security that they require when in such an intimate setting.

Project highlight: Natureland at Liat Towers

The concept of Natureland, as shared by its CEO Ms Fion Wu to lead designer Jackie Lai, was to provide visitors with an intimate experience at the wellness spa while promoting an overall sense of well-being. The main focus was in designing a spa that flowed harmoniously from one space to the next – the main reception area would lead to a passageway where the calming mood has been set by way of its ambience lighting, selectively curated décor, colour tone, music and even through scents.

Where the two levels of Natureland merge at the stairway, the soothing sounds of water flow seeks to draw customers away from the busy and stressful city noises and settle them into a more natural and restful environment.

Retail Interior Design

While most, if not all, people have gone shopping before, how many of us truly understand how important the interior design of a retail shop is in retaining customers and providing a pleasant experience?

When it comes to brick-and-mortar retail shops, aesthetics play a big part in the success of it. The look of a shop from the outside is what makes a potential customer decide whether or not they want to step inside at all. Next, the retail shop’s internal layout and design is determinant of the customer’s shopping experience which directly affects revenue as well as the business’ repeat customer rate. In short, the interior design of a retail shop defines customer behaviour.

There is a list of factors to consider when designing a retail shop that is profitable and that looks fantastic. In fulfilling both needs, a skilled and professional team of interior designers is vital – let us assist you in designing that perfect retail space.